We are Kids Bilíngue

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We bring Portuguese children books and the Brazilian culture to your children abroad


Our History

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We help you to leave the Portuguese language as heritage to your children!

Kids Bilíngue is the first marketplace for children’s book subscription boxes in Portuguese including international shipping. We were born out of the desire and the need to make the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture more accessible to Portuguese speaking families living abroad.


Our Mission Statement

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Children connected with their cultural roots!

Our mission is to promote encounters and reencounters, because being far away does not mean being apart. Reading allows our children worldwide to connect with your their history and that of their families, besides living their own fantasies. They can enjoy all the benefits of reading for their cognitive and affective development!

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Our Team

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Vanessa is an administrator, psychopedagogue, and mother of three young readers. Her story of challenges and achievements, her international entrepreneurial experience and her concern for the legacy she will leave in the future were the driving force behind the creation of Kids Bilíngue.

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