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Prices, shipping Costs

The prices on our product and shop pages do not include the value-added tax (VAT) that is still to be charged. The reason for this is that there are different VAT rates depending on the country of delivery, which can then only be calculated and charged at checkout.

We are currently only ship to addresses in Europe

Destination CountryShipping Costs*

2,90 EUR  for packages < 1 kg

4,90 EUR for packages between 1 kg  and 3 kg

5,90 EUR for packages between 3 kg  and 5 kg

Austria, Berlgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

 6,00 EUR  for packages < 1 kg

11,80 EUR for packages between 1 kg  and 3 kg

13,90 EUR for packages between 3 kg  and 5 kg



 7,90 EUR  for packages < 1 kg

20,90 EUR for packages between 1 kg  and 3 kg

24,90 EUR for packages between 3 kg  and 5 kg

* The prices do not include VAT and can also vary according to the package size in addition to the weight classifications given. (These sizes are based on the maximum dimensions of our shipping products Warenpost and DHL Paket)

In addition to the product prices indicated we also charge shipping costs for delivery within Europe. Shipping costs are communicated to you during the basket process and reconfirmed on the order page.The transport costs can change during the subscription period, since the weights and sizes of the subscription boxes can vary from one month to another.

Delivery Information

We have fixed times to hand over our subscriptions to our logistics service provider (DHL). These are always on Mondays (unless Monday is a holiday). From this point on, your package is on its way to you. The delivery time may vary depending on the destination country. Within Germany usually 1-2 days, in other countries this depends on local deliverers usually 4-5 days, but there can also be differences and delays here.

Digital Products

No shipping costs are incurred in connection with digital content (e.g. e-books, software, etc.).