Affiliate Program Terms

Become an affiliate

  • Anyone can apply to be an affiliate. Activation takes place after the submitted information has been checked.
  • Legal
  • There is no legally binding contractual relationship between Kids Bilingue GmbH and the affiliates. The affiliates are independent advertisers who advertise Kids Bilingue without being directly commissioned. You will only be paid afterwards if the affiliate can prove that he has generated sales through advertising for Kidsbilingue.
  • The affiliate undertakes not to carry out any advertising measures that could possibly cause image or other damage to Kids Bilingue. (e.g. through unauthorized newsletter marketing). The affiliate is responsible for actions that lead to damage through negligence.
  • The affiliate refrains from the subsequent objection that the advertiser (affiliate) was ignorant of an infringement of the law, since he is aware of the type and scope of his actions in the context. In case of uncertainty about possibly controversial advertising measures, the affiliate must consult Kids Bilingue in any case.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw affiliate status at any time. Any existing credit will of course be paid out beforehand.

Useful and permitted advertising measures

  • Targeted and permitted advertising by means of e-mails, in which the recipient has expressly agreed that he may receive such advertising e-mails from the advertiser.
  • Targeted and permitted advertising in social media groups (e.g. Facebook, Instagram,…) if YOU comply with the terms and conditions of the respective platform.
  •  Personal advertising about events and e.g. a laptop in kiosk mode, on which customers are directed to the Kids Bilingue website by clicking on the affiliate link.

Advertising measures that are not permitted are, for example

  •  Misleading advertising with incorrect and unclear product information
  •  Bulk mailing without the consent of the recipient
  •  Changing the corporate design or adding (unlicensed) graphics


  • Each affiliate starts with 10% of the net price of the product purchased through their affiliate link.
  • From 50 active subscriptions, the affiliate receives 15% commission on the net product price.
  • From 100 active subscriptions, the affiliate receives 20% commission on the net product price.
  • The changes to these graduations do not take place automatically, but must be requested by the affiliate for verification. (Mail to


  • Payments are made on the first of the month when the total amount has exceeded 50 EUR. (Smaller amounts could also be paid out, but this makes little sense due to the PayPal commission)